About Cellblock Consulting

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Hi I'm Frank Defilippo.  I'm here today to talk to you about a company behind me called Cellblock Consulting. But before I do that I want to speak to you a little bit about myself. So I'm a former NYPD detective,  I was a highly decorated officer,  I served in 911 and unfortunately I was forced to retire due to injury.  After that I was kind of bored so I went into business for myself and it was successful.  I wanted to be an entrepreneur like most people and during this process I was indicted by the federal government and wound up serving 13 years in a federal prison.  Imagine that!  

So I'm here to tell you I understand what you're going through.  I was on both sides of the fence so to speak in my life, this company Cellblock Consulting is a company that was designed to help people that are going to go to prison and they're there to coach you on the everyday workings of what prison life is like.

Because it is a very different place it is nothing like you've ever experienced, you can't read it from a book and you certainly can't learn it on TV.  This is something that's very unique and even though somebody like me, who was in law enforcement,  I knew nothing about prison. 

So this was quite a journey for me as you can imagine. I wound up getting into this business and volunteering my time because I had a friend after I came home who's going through a similar situation like myself and like you're going through and he was despondent and he had a family and I he called me up we spoke and I decided to go to his house for a weekend and I spent a weekend with him literally training him on how to go to prison and what prison is like.  An analogy that I would use it's kind of like a prize fighter.  He has a fight coming up, but before he has that fight he's got to train so that's what I did I literally trained him on how to go to prison and this was a valuable lesson for him.  And I wish I had a lesson like this for me.  What do I mean by that when I went to prison,  I made a lot of mistakes and some of them were costly.  I'm not really going to get into to it but there were things that I wish I had known before I went in.

There and that's where Cellblock Consulting comes in.  Everybody on their staff has been incarcerated.  Most of these people that run consulting firms, and I'm not knocking them.  And and you can ask them.  They've never been to prison. All they know is what they watch on TV, or read in a book.  I had a prison consultant once contact me in prison asking me about what goes on in prison. That's the truth, and meanwhile he was out there charging clients.  So we have real life experience and there's a lot to be said for that.  

We also help with other things your Pre-Sentencing Report, there are things before you actually go to trial or take a plea that you need to know that sometimes even your attorney doesn't know and they can decrease your sentence.  How much is that worth?  I wish I had that as well so these are some of the things that we help our clients with - including we have a psychologist on staff to speak to you, to speak to your family, there's so many things that you need to know and that's why we're here.  From sending an email.  They have email in prison, but they don't have internet. How to get a book, how to get your commissary money, what is commissary money, so much stuff.  

It's stressful.  I understand, but I'm here to tell you, Not All Is Lost.  This was a slip, not a fall.  You'll get through this, just like like I did.  Stay positive and we're here to help.  Give us a call - it's a free consultation - we're happy to help.  Thank you and God bless!!!