CellBlock Consulting is a nationally acclaimed consulting firm specializing in federal and state prison sentencing matters.  We offer comprehensive support to federal and state offenders, inmates, and their legal representatives, covering all facets of potential criminal sentencing and issues related to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  Our primary goal is to minimize our clients' sentencing duration while also preparing them to navigate the challenges of incarceration.

Cellblock Consulting collaborates with defendants and their legal representatives to conduct reviews of federal and state plea agreements, calculate sentencing guidelines, analyze pre-sentence investigation reports, provide assistance in sentence mitigation, offer support in prison designation, and provide analysis for the Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP).

Cellblock Consulting boasts a broad national clientele, providing services across the United States.  Our expertise lies in investigating, preparing, and implementing strategies for reducing federal prison sentences, with a focus on assisting and preparing individuals for participation in the Federal Bureau of Prisons' Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP).

Partnering with us will lead you through the process of qualifying for BOP RDAP federal sentence reductions, acquiring additional halfway house placements under the 2nd Chance Act, leveraging the benefits of the First Step Act, obtaining designation to preferred facilities, and gaining insight into essential prison survival tactics based on my personal experience in various institutions.

Cellblock Consulting is committed to unraveling the complexities of the judicial process, ensuring that our clients have a comprehensive understanding of their indictment enabling them to effectively work with their legal in making well-informed decisions.